Canvas Rebel interview with DAWN 11:11 Collective's Kristen Grundy Photography

Canvas Rebel Stories & Insights Interviews with Kristen Grundy & Dave Glass

Kristen Grundy canvas rebel interview 2022Interview with Kristen Grundy 

"The thing a lot of people do not realize is that I create all of the aspects within my photos. I conceive the idea/character, cast the model and find their wardrobe, put together sets and props, and shoot on a set location or completely composite the set with photos I have taken. I do not just pull images off the web and composite them together for digital art. There is a lot more going into creating the photographs than most people realize."
~ Kristen Grundy

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Dave Glass canvas rebel interview 2022
Interview with Dave Glass 

"Being involved in the 80’s underground punk, hardcore, thrash metal, skateboarding scene vilified how much I was misunderstood finding tribe in the fringes of society. Parents, teachers, cops, religious leaders, and most authority figures feared anything outside the mainstream that challenged their belief system. Our music was furious and full of teen angst, our art was aggressive and warped, and we dressed anti fashion, deconstructing most of our clothing D.I.Y. style."
~ Dave Glass

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