Chase The Dragon with the Exclusive 20th Anniversary Hand Screen Printed Print!

Chase The Dragon with the Exclusive 20th Anniversary Hand Screen Printed Print!

What is the story behind this print?

Back in 2004, the UK punk band GBH, commissioned Dave Glass to create a limited edition Japanese tour graphic t-shirt design. Little did they know that this design would become a symbol of punk rock culture. The image was also used on the Attack on Japan 2004 tour posters, spreading its rebellious spirit overseas. Chase The Dragon was also immortalized on the cover of GBH "Cruel and Unusual" Japanese released in 2004 on (P.O.P. Records). Inspired by alternative model Darenzia who dawned a blue mohawk with leopard spots around the time. Dave Glass is a long time fan of GBH, since the mid 80's. He even had the "city baby" tattooed on his entire right forearm in the early 90's.

Why is this print so special?

Fast forward to today, and Dave Glass has decided to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this iconic image by hand printing a limited edition screen print. This means that each print is a unique work of art, crafted with care by the artist himself, signed and numbered edition of only 25. No two prints are exactly alike, making each one a truly special collector's item.

What makes this print a must-have for art enthusiasts?

The exclusive 20th anniversary hand screen printed print is not just a piece of punk rock history, but also a stunning work of art. The pop art details and vibrant florescent ink colors will captivate your senses and transport you to 1980's nostalgic rising sun imagery often used in skateboard art and fashion. In stark contrast the rising sun symbol is controversial. Once thought by the Japanese to light the darkness of the world, it became a symbol of darkness to parts of Asia, representing imperial aggression and war crimes.

How can you get your hands on this limited edition print?

Chase The Dragon 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Screen Print

Original Art by Dave Glass

12.9" x 19" screen print on cardstock hand pulled by artist. Signed and numbered limited edition of 25. Art ca. 2003 print 2023

2 AP ( Artist Proofs ) archived by artist


David J of Bauhaus, spotted this GBH Japan Tour T-shirt version live in the wild!

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