Comfortably Numb Group Exhibit at UMA Gallery Oakland Ft. Kristen Grundy & Dave Glass

Comfortably Numb Group Exhibit at UMA Gallery Oakland Ft. Kristen Grundy & Dave Glass

Comfortably Numb at UMA Gallery Oakland CA
Comfortably Numb UMA Gallery Oakland Artists
Both Kristen Grundy & Dave Glass of DAWN 11:11 will be featured in this group exhibit, Comfortably Numb, UMA Gallery Oakland Opening May 20th, 8P - 11P, closing July 1, 2023.


Comfortably Numb is a poignant group show that puts the spotlight on the delicate realm of mental health. With a gentle nod to the legendary Syd Barrett, thirty three artists embarked on a profound exploration of their personal state of sanity as well as the larger view on the world stage, courageously revealing their own vulnerabilities and fragilities. Their skillful manipulation of colors, textures, and forms brings to light the often-overlooked struggles that reside within the realm of the mind. We invite you to join us on this introspective voyage.
Patrice Antunez, Evan Asher, Scott Bokma,
Robert Bowen, Victor Castro, Jenya Chernoff,
Diane Dove, Andy Dykeman, Dave Glass, Joy Greer,
Kristen Grundy, Dianne Hoffman, Kevin Jacobs,
May M. Lo, Lisa McElroy, Spike Milliken,
TC Moore, Kaizo Naka, Thao Ngo,
Vida Pavesich, Daryll Peirce, Cecee Penney,
ReTech, Federico Romano,
Ron Sandoval, John Sheridan,
Harvey Bennet Stafford, Still Here, Justin Teisl,
Judy Threadgill, Edie Trautwein,
Paulette Traverso, Max Wagen, Dave YoasCave digital photo print by Kristen Grundy"Cave" digital photo print by Kristen Grundy

This image is representational of the cumbersome time Kristen spent living confined in a hypothetical cave, due to an abusive relationship controlling all aspects of her life and mind. The feeling of dragging a coffin around in the darkness as a strange character, hidden away, was heavily encumbering on her psyche. "Cave" is a reflection of being buried, and coming back.

"My Sweet Valentine" digital photo print by Kristen Grundy"My Sweet Valentine" digital photo print by Kristen Grundy
In a bathtub down the hall from where Dave and Kristen lived in Philadelphia, a Valentine's Day suicide happened... by Kristen setting the stage with dollar store gifts and roses, and photographing the model in a rose pedal filled milk bath. The rest of the scene she pieced together from later shots taken of the Valentines in her studio. "My Sweet Valentine" is a tableau of excessiveness taking the mind through a jaded turn toward darkness. 
"Addict Named Nymph" by Dave Glass"Addict Named Nymph" by Dave Glass
This piece represents a rather tumultuous time Dave outlasted living in Philly as a resident of 30 years. The writing in the background reads:


"There is no hope opening the scarred over wounds
Bound in rotted veins and dead roots of dread
Despair lingers in the mind like a transorbital lobotomy
Rendering you suicidal, damaged and forlorn
It waits for you to feed with vermin mining in the garbage and darken canals to nowhere
We are all roaches in the trenches of cracked sidewalks
Drowning in a sea of warm festering malt liquor
dog shit and dope bags" - Dave Glass


addict named nymph street art kensington fishtown pandemic 2020 by dave glass
"Addict Named Nymph" street art under the EL train in Kensington Fishtown Section of Philadelphia

DAWN 11:11 street art thrown up during the Covid 19 Pandemic in April 2020, where Kristen and Dave lived at the time, adjacent to the infamous, most vile, horrendous scenes of human depravity in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.


DTO Doomed To Obscurity Connie's Ric Rac South Philly ITL MKT flyer by Dave Glass 2012
Doomed To Obscurity Connie's Ric Rac South Philly ITL MKT flyer by Dave Glass 2012

Originally this piece was created as flyer art and slapped up on the streets of South Philly, for Doomed To Obscurity in 2012. D.T.O. was the last band Dave drummed for living in Philadelphia that disbanded in 2016, hence the band name.

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