DAWN 11:11 Recycle & Reuse & Repurpose & Piss in the Streets

DAWN 11:11 Recycle & Reuse & Repurpose & Piss in the Streets

We here at DAWN 11:11 care about our environmental footprint, global warming, fuzzy little kitties, and all sorts of things. But then again we piss in the streets, and use aerosol paints so we claim no standards. We do our due diligence in daily life by composting, recycling, planting seeds, and allowing a flowing natural eco system in our yard for pollinators to preserve biodiversity. We also cut our own firewood from fallen trees after storms, downsize material possessions, and have lived in small spaces for many years. Not littering and caring for animals also goes without saying. Dave originally started recycling in 1991, in the dirt cinder block band practice space, underneath the square little pink house where his first punk band, Sap Green, rehearsed. A little extra recycling money went a long way back then. In addition, Kristen has been a vegetarian for most of her life, because meat tastes yucky to her. There was also an incident at McDonald's when she was very young and found a vein in her chicken nugget.. pretty much did it in for her on the meats. Dave was a vegetarian for several years until moving to Texas. With the temptation (he was a Catholic boy) of BBQ taunting him so much, he gave in to eating meat again.

As far as the art featured on this site, our plaques and coasters are coated in durable high-quality resin. Non-toxic. No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). No BPAs (Bisphenol A). No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified food safe. Also, our t-shirts are mailed in compostable bags. We reuse boxes for shipping. We may even use found or other artists unused art supplies. 

reused trader joe's bag turned into art envelope
Reused and Repurposed Trader Joe's Bag made into Paper Envelope used to Protect Our Plaques Traveling to Vending Events.

Repurposed screenprint test prints made into an envelope for a multi print package for a special art collectors online order. We care for repeat customers and like to surprise them with special one offs art treats, wink wink.


dave glass art envelope from test print dto us chaos gigposter
Repurposed U.S. Chaos / D.T.O. gig poster by Dave Glass made into an envelope.

avengers sf tour poster test print envelope

avengers sf us tour poster test print made into test print
Envelope made from Avengers US tour poster test print by Dave Glass

Photo test prints utilized for backings for badge packs by Kristen Grundy
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