Going Deeper into Kristen Grundy's Short Film, "Fade Away"

Going Deeper into Kristen Grundy's Short Film, "Fade Away"

Ever felt like a surreal entity dragging a coffin around in the dark? Kristen has. Fifteen years of being trapped by abuse left her feeling numb, in a dark place for many years. As visual storytelling became an outlet, “Fade Away” is a short film that Kristen created as a portrayal of her process dealing with PTSD. Combining film and stop motion, “Fade Away” takes you on a journey of discordant trauma which is dragged around as a heavy coffin dredged up from a river of muck. Carrying on with phases of disillusioned weariness and manic hysteria, it is a visual representation of the process of being haunted and trying to shake it, all to regain power. A process that drags on and on, ensuing a state of walking on eggshells, until inevitably confronting it. Once met, the haunting can fade away and the healing can begin.

“Fade Away” took years to complete from the time it was shot in San Francisco to the final edit finished in Philadelphia. During that time there were upheavals in Kristen’s life surrounding the escape from her abuser, death of her mother, a move across the country, and other life changing events concurrently occurring.

In addition, Kristen’s abuser is actually in the film, as the antagonist. A year after she got free of him, he was murdered while staying in a halfway house in San Francisco. Soon after, DAWN 11:11 Collective was having an exhibit at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco, and “Fade Away” was to be screened at the opening. Therefor, the final edit was completed in the fall of 2019, just in time for the film’s debut. With an original score done by Eric Bowr, Electric Nerve Music, and hand illustrated title card art done by Dave Glass, coincidentally both ex members of both Philly based bands The Strychnine Babies and Dead City Psychos.

“Fade Away” is going to be screened now in Austin, TX on Sunday, August 13, at Volstead Lounge at the Mutiny Market Zine Launch Party from 5pm to 10pm.

 Published work in MM Zine Volume 1 which was launched at the film screening:

MM Zine Vol.1 inside layout


MM Zine Vol.1 cover
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