African raven and white owl North Austin photoshoot with DAWN 11:11 Collective's Kristen Grundy Photography

In The Blink of A Nictitating Eye

in the blink of a nictitating eye plaque by Kristen Grundy an bodyless African raven carrying a bloody doll head in its beak

NEW "In The Blink of A Nictitating Eye" Antiqued Wood Plaque with High Gloss Resin Finish

Original Art by Kristen Grundy

Part of the Off With Their Heads Exhibit 
Oct 7-29 2022 Available at:
50 A Bannam Place
North Beach, San Francisco 94133
Opening Hours:
Friday - Sunday
(1PM - 8PM)

Behind the scenes at Kristen's recent shoot with a talking African raven and white owl to use in upcoming composite projects. Special thanks to our neighborhood falconer, Victor, and all his feathered friends!
photos below : 


Kristen Grundy African raven photo shoot Austin TX

Kristen Grundy white owl photo shoot Austin TX



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